Hi everyone,

First, thank you for the prayers for Megan Baker. She has been released from the hospital and is back at the home.

Although she was exposed to the virus, she did not come down with it.

Second, the intercessions for this week are:

For a swift end to the pandemic

For all those who are suffering from the pandemic and for those who care for them.

For everyone sheltering in place - may this be a time of growth in closeness between family members and closeness to Jesus.


I want to wish everyone blessings on this Divine Mercy Sunday. You continue to be in my prayers. Although I have not found additional resources to share with you, I did find three videos of interest.

This is a dramatic reading of the Gospel for this Sunday.


Easter Gospel Readings: The Story of Thomas

As we journey through the Gospel readings throughout the Easter season, we now look at the Story of Thomas.


This is a faith sharing and encouragement of sheltering in place.


Rise From the Ashes | Unleash The Gospel

We know that Christ has triumphed over death. During this time of Coronavirus, we are still called to do His will, to Unleash The Gospel.


This is an interesting reflection on the state of the Church today.


Saving a Dying, Shrinking Church

Most metrics regarding Church involvement in the United States are bleak. Fewer people attend services. Few people hold to the central beliefs of the faith. Fewer people are raising their kids in religious households. Fr. Casey looks to the words of Karl Rahner, S.J. and offers to paths to kickstarting our lives as disciples. SOCIAL MEDIA: Blog ...


God bless you

Fr. Mike

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