Weekly Prayers August 30 2020

Dear Parishioners,

I am sorry this email is late. I wanted to have everything finalized before emailing you.

First, the intercessions:

Please pray for the work being done at the parishes – that it might be done well and for the health and safety of all workers.

For an end to the pandemic and the violence in our cities.

For the strengthening of our parishes during the pandemic.

Second, this is Deacon Denny’s homily:

Finally, thank you for your prayers and support as my family journeyed through the death of my father Duane.

I am grateful for the many calls and letters of support. 

Many have asked if there is anything they can do. Other than your continued prayers, the only thing would be to please send a sympathy card to my mom:

Mary Ann Haag

c/o Marsh’s Edge

12 Renegar Way #112

St Simon’s Island, GA 31522

The funeral will be on Saturday. It will be a service at the Knapp-Johnson Funeral Home in Morton, not a mass.

There will be a visitation prior from 10 – 10:50 and the service at 11am.

Due to the pandemic, the time, and the distance, I realize most will not be able to attend.

Therefore, the funeral home is going to live stream the service.  They will put a link on my dad’s obituary page on their website that will direct you to their Facebook page. They will show the service live via Facebook. 

You are directed to my father’s page


The link will appear at the bottom of the obituary.

God bless

Fr. Mike