Weekly Prayers 8/16/2020


Intercessions for this week are:

For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the confirmandi who are going to be confirmed and receive first Eucharist on Sunday at Benld and for their families.

For the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit upon our children and our PSR programs as we begin a new school year.

For an end to the pandemic and for peace in our cities


Today my father got placed on hospice.

I was going to ask for your prayers last night as to whether or not he should be placed on hospice, but no sooner did I finish typing UPDATE than my phone rang.

My father’s doctor had just called my mom and counseled her to put him on hospice. We were on the fence, but this made the decision easier. We are comfortable with the decision.

The one thing you can ask for is for him to be able to get out of the hospital and go home to the retirement village to die. If mom tests negative (tomorrow’s test) and dad tests negative (Friday’s test), he will be able to go home. I have been able to facetime him today, but he is not responsive.

If I had one thing to add, if you can beg, borrow or steal a zpack, do it. When my dad got Covid, the doctors gave him NOTHING. He just had to tough it out.

My parents’ friends were also told the same thing. You get nothing unless you are having trouble breathing. My mom got Covid, but (long story short) she had a zpack and took it. It was like a bad cold, but she did not have diarrhea and she was able to recover without lasting harm. I will always wonder if dad would not be in this predicament if the doctors had at least given him something to combat Covid.

Thanks for your support.

God bless

Fr. Mike