Weekly Intercessions 7/30/2020


First of all, thank you for the prayers.

The first revised order confirmation / eucharist retreat went well in Gillespie. We will have another one in two weeks in Carlinville. Please continue to pray for the retreat and the confirmandi. We hope that we can do even better the second time. 

My mother is recovering well. She sounds good and is starting to eat again. It will be a while before she fully recovers.

My father fell and broke his wrist. He was taken to the hospital on Friday. I do not know how well he is doing. I do know:

He is on the covid floor. Since he has Alzheimer’s, he wanders. Because he has Covid, this isn’t good.

They are not giving him any medication (as far as I know) for covid. Why? because the doctors say it isn’t bad enough.

He needs therapy because of his wrist and needs help walking because of his weakness due to covid. However, getting a therapist who would be willing to touch a Covid patient is difficult. 

We would like to have 8 or 24 hour care if he came back home, but it is unlikely we will find a caregiver for a covid positive patient.

I would like to talk with dad, but because of his Alzheimer’s, he can’t answer the phone in his room.

My sister cannot find the doctors to inform her (to inform me) of his status. She has found a good nurse or two who will help.

Summing it all up, it is a mess.

Please continue to pray for my parents, especially my father.

Please pray for God’s blessing on all the work that is being done in our parishes.

Please also pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit for the upcoming fall in all areas – PSR, RCIA, mass, music, small groups.

God bless you,

Fr. Michael B. Haag