Weekly Intercessions 5/24/2020



Thank you for your continued prayers. The intercessions for this week are:

For the continued faith and well being of our parishes. Especially during this extended time away from mass, I am concerned and fear that people’s faith is not growing, but shrinking.

For the health and protection of all – especially the elderly – from the pandemic.

That the faith might continue to grow in our children and their families.


Communion services went well last weekend. Please share with others – especially those you are unsure of if they have internet.

Next weekend, we will continue the same times

Sat 4pm Gillespie

Sun 5:30pm Carlinville

Sun 9am Carlinville

Sun 10:30 Gillespie

However, we are asking those who want to attend to arrive at these times. We will offer the communion service to everyone who wants to attend, but after everyone has received, we will end the services. The reason for the change is because by having a range of times, either people were waiting for more people to show up, or we had only one or two people attending a service (thinking this was the last of the people) only to have another couple of people show up immediately afterwards. Thanks for your understanding.