Praying with Scripture Week 1

Praying with Scripture Series

Week 1:  Prayer is a Personal Relationship with GodPresented by Archbishop Hebda 

Welcome to the Praying with Scripture series taught by Archbishop Bernard Hebda and Bishop Andrew Cozzens. If you have never prayed with Scripture, that’s okay – this teaching series will help you get started!  If you have prayed with Scripture and want to go deeper, this teaching series will help you grow. 

Week 1 Video and Materials

Click on the image above or this link to view Talk 1 of the Praying with Scripture series.

Outline and Discussion Questions

Talk outlines are provided for each week. As you listen to the teaching video, follow along in the outline. You may print the outline and use the space on the right for notes or use your own journal for note-taking.    

Discussion questions accompany these outlines. If you are participating in this series together with a group, consider selecting some or all of these questions for your group discussion. 

View the Week 1 Outline and Discussion Questions

Prayer Companions

Twenty-five Prayer Companions, each with a different scripture verse and guided reflection, provide a structure for your time of prayer as explained in this series, with space for journaling. We invite you to use one Prayer Companion a day throughout the course of this five-week series, feeling free to return to your favorites as desired. 

View the Week 1 Prayer Companions:

  1. Bartimaeus 
  2. Jesus’ Words of Invitation 
  3. Jeremiah’s Word of Hope 
  4. Fear Not 
  5. God At The Origin Of My Being

The Next Step

Next week, Bishop Cozzens will present, “How to Listen to God in Our Hearts.” Watch for the next video and series of materials to arrive via email Sunday, September 20.Thank you for joining us, and may God bless you this week on your prayer journey.