More additional resources

Dear parishioners,

I just received one more amazing resource and remembered one other resource.

The one resource I remembered that I wanted to pass along was the Unleash the Gospel website. This was the result of their own diocesan synod. Their synodal document, Unleash the Gospel, has been a template and inspiration for me in trying to focus our parishes on evangelization.

Home | Unleash the Gospel Unleash the Gospel. We are all called to be joyful missionary disciples! Let’s encounter Jesus anew, grow daily as his disciples and give witness to the power of his mercy.

This website has the letter, Unleash the Gospel, the Unleash the Gospel magazine on-line which has a LOT of interesting articles (one of the few magazines I actually read – and cover to cover at that), some videos, and podcasts. The podcasts are very interesting. The Open Door Policy are various people being interviewed on how they evangelize and live out their faith. Eyes on Jesus is a monthly interview with the archbishop about how he is trying to bring Christ to his diocese. 

The other resource I want to heartily recommend is FORMED. Below is the email I just received. I was waiting for it, hoping this would become available. FORMED is sort of a Netflix for Catholics. I was considering bringing this to our parishes, but did not think it was opportune to do so.

These are the last of the resources I know of that would be helpful without being too confusing.

Finally, because of the isolation of the parishes and to help prevent the spread of infection, the churches are not open. If you would like to celebrate the sacrament of Confession, please make an individual appointment. 

I will keep you in prayer during this time of fasting from the Eucharist.

God bless

Fr. Mike