Intercessions for this week

Dear Intercessory Groups (and those who are joining in on this),

The Intercessory Groups are those people who have committed to praying 15 minutes every day for 3 or 4 intentions which I send (and are posted on Facebook) every week. Invariably, we are praying for the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirt to renew our parishes. We are also praying for our PSR program and the Revised Order of Confirmation process our 3rd graders were going through until recently. You are invited to join this group.

I will use this format to send out further information and resources that I find. The PSR parents will also be receiving the resources along with the weekly Pflaum videos. Please forward this material to anyone who you think could benefit from it.

The intercessions for this week are:

For an end to the Corona virus and for the health and recovery of all those affected by the virus.

For the guidance of the Holy Spirit upon all political leaders and for the protection of all health care workers / first responders.

For the strengthening of those whose faith is shaken at this time.

For the continued blessing and guidance of the Holy Spirit upon our parishes.

Attached is a pdf and 3 links are below. The pdf is 10 guideposts for this time of sheltering from Archbishop Vigneron which I found helpful.  The first link is guidance on how to watch Sunday Mass. The second link goes to the resources section of the Unleash the Gospel website (which I had previously recommended) which contains resources for families and further resources and guidance on attending on-line masses. The third link is to Deacon Denny’s homily on YouTube. Deacon Denny’s homily will be up on our website and Facebook pages as well.

God bless

Fr. Mike 

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