Intercessions 3/31/2020

Dear Intercessory Group Members,

We are heading into  Holy Week, the most important week of the year. Although we are not publicly celebrating Palm Sunday, we will provide the following resources:

I will put out the gospel reading (written and oral) for Palm Sunday on the website.

I will also be putting on the website the written and oral readings for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. 

We will have homilies for all three days on the website, YouTube, and Facebook page.

I will also put out in front of each church on Palm Sunday morning starting at 8am blessed palms for you to take. (I will bless them on Saturday). Take as many as you want.

Next to the palms, I will have the physical Rejoice and Be Glad 2020 reflection book.

These will remain in front of church until 7pm Sunday.

The attachments should help you during Holy Week. The explanation of these attachments are:

Holy Week at Home – these are suggestions for what to do at home during Holy Week. Frankly, I think it seems a bit much for families, but I could be wrong.

Palm Sunday – Easter Missal – this is a missal for Holy Week. If you want to follow along the readings and mass while watching a streamed mass, this is ideal.

Rejoice and Be Glad 2020 – Similar to the reflection books we handed out at the beginning of Lent, we had purchased (and already received) reflection books for the Easter season (Easter until Pentecost). Although I hope you eventually will be able to receive and use the physical copy of these books, at least you have access to this reflection book through this download.

10 Guideposts from Archbishop Vigneron – this is a pdf of the link I had previously recommended about how to view this time of sheltering in place.

In addition, I have two additional links:

The daily reading and reflection book, Give Us This Day, is providing its monthly book for free at this time. Here is the link:

Enjoy a Virtual Date Night!

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Enjoy a little vacation from your regular social distancing routine. Cook a new meal, grab some of your date night clothes from your closet, tuck your phone away and just enjoy some laughter and quality time with each other. The kit includes tips for how to minimize interruption and to really make this a fun and romantic date.

Finally, the intercessions for this week are:

  1. For all our government leaders who are making decisions to combat the Coronavirus. My they be guided by the Holy Spirit in all their decisions.
  2. For those on the front line of the pandemic – for doctors / nurses / first responders / military – for their health and well being and strength at this time.
  3. For all those affected by the Coronavirus. For the healing of those infected. For the comfort of those who lost loved ones. For the health and well being of us all.
  4. For the continued growth of faith in our parishes. That through the Holy Spirit our parishes will emerge revitalized after this time of sheltering in place.

    God bless you all. I am continuing to keep you in prayer.
    Fr. Mike