Important Note from Father Haag about email phishing attempts.

To all parishioners:

I received this from the diocese:

“We have been receiving lots reports of phishing attempts where both Priests and other Personnel are having their email address spoofed. Please be extra careful with verifying funds or information  requests. Use your KnowBe4 training (this is why it is so important) to make sure email are legitimate. The bad guys are well aware of what is going on with covid-19 these days and are trying to use the work from home disruption to their advantage. ” 

I hope that this doesn’t really affect us too much because I don’t use my diocesan email. However, we have dealt with this before. Just a quick reminder – I don’t solicit funds via email. Shortly, we will be implementing a online payment option (more on that later), but that is different than me asking you “Hey please support me…. or Please go to this link…. etc”

God bless

Fr. Mike