Important letter regarding PSR Registration

July 13, 2020

Dear PSR parents,

I have noticed that half of our parents have not registered their children for PSR this upcoming year. Please register by July 31. To prevent overordering and be good stewards of our resources, we will only order materials based on who is registered. Likewise, we will be combining classes (or not) based on the number of registrations. If you wait until the night of PSR, your child will certainly be welcome, but might not have curriculum for a few weeks.

For those who are not registering out of Covid fears, I want to remind you that the materials we offer have worked well for homeschooling. If you would like to homeschool your children, please register, but choose the homeschooling option. We are more than happy to provide you with materials to help pass along the faith to your children.  

As of this writing, we intend on having PSR. We will receive instruction from the diocese as to what this will look like. We also know that all our plans could change in an instant based on the pandemic. We will let you know as soon as we know what our PSR year will look like.

Finally, because of Deacon Denny’s retirement and the uncertainty of the PSR year due to the pandemic, Karla Huddlestun will remain as Carlinville DRE for this upcoming school year.  

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

God Bless