Funeral Planner


Are you going to have a wake?
When and where?
Are you going to have a wake service (a prayer service prior to the wake)?  When? (typically prior to the wake)
Will someone be speaking at the wake?

For the funeral,

What readings do you want?  The readings are on the website as well as in a binder given to the funeral home.
First reading (from Old Testament)
Psalm 23
Second reading (from the New Testament)  This is optional, but recommended.
Gospel reading

Will a family member or friend be reading the first and/or the second reading?  Who?
Will some of the family be bringing up the gifts of bread and wine?
Will anyone in the family be delivering a eulogy?
What songs would you prefer?
There are typically songs at:

Opening hymn (as you are being seated) ___________________

Preparation of the gifts (depending on how long this is, it may be optional) ________________

Communion meditation hymn ___________________

Song of Farewell

Closing hymn _________________________

Finally, is there anything in particular you would like me to remember about your loved one?  Please tell me more than “he/she loved her family and his/her children”.  What hobbies did he/she have?

Did he/she do anything unique in their lives?  How has he/she influenced you?