Important Mandates and Suggestions about the Corona Virus

Dear Parishioners,

The diocese has given us mandates and suggestions about the Corona virus which we will implement immediately. These changes will be in force until the virus is no longer an issue / emergency.

Summarizing the changes:

We will not be offering the chalice with the Precious Blood at mass

We will not be using hands at the sign of peace (as well as greeting people before mass)

Since not shaking hands at the sign of peace and then shaking hands with me at the end of mass makes no sense, I will instead stand at the front of church and offer individual prayer for those who desire it after mass rather than processing out.

Although the recommendations do not mention removing holy water, I will do this as well as a logical extension of not shaking hands.

Mass and all other parish functions have NOT been suspended. If we are directed to do so by the diocese, I will inform you of the change. If PSR is cancelled, you will be informed by email, Facebook, or Bloomz. 

Although this is an inconvenience, we are trying to keep our parishioners as safe as possible. Please use common sense in deciding what to do / not do.

On the other hand, I am routinely told and see how busy families are. With all sorts of events, sporting activities, and schools being closed, I invite all our families to use this time as an occasion to become closer to each other and to God. Here are some offhand suggestions:

As a family:

Reach out to a relative whom you have not talked to in a while.

Do a family activity together – prepare a meal / watch a movie / play a game / go outside and play / clean or tackle a project that you always wanted to do

Pray together – pray a rosary, mealtime prayers, etc. Read the Bible and share what the Scripture is saying to you. 

Learn more about the faith together – Pflaum Gospel Weeklies has resources and videos to help you and your children grow in faith.

Rather than complain about cancelations or spend this additional time in ways that will not help you grow closer to God and neighbor, please make a positive choice in how you will spend this extra time.

God bless,

Fr. Michael B. Haag  

Click the download link below for Caronavirus Additional Guidance